Blues Fans Break Out a ‘Kroenke Sucks’ Chant During Hurricanes Game (Video)


If there’s a competition for the most hated man in sports these days, it’s hard to imagine that St. Louis’ defecting owner Stan Kroenke doesn’t hold the top spot.

St. Louis Blues fans gave him a piece of their mind (he wasn’t in attendance, but still…) during last night’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes by sharing with the world a “Kroenke sucks” chant.

Unfortunately, if you’ve seen a picture of Stan Kroenke, you probably came to the conclusion that he’s WAY past caring what people think of him, so you might have to do better than a chant to get under his skin.

It’s a noble start, though, and I think all sports fans can empathize with the folks of St. Louis.

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