Charles Barkley Says Lakers Are “Like the Black Girl on The Bachelor” Because “They Got No Chance”

charles barkley says Lakers like the black girl on the bachelor

On Thursday night the Golden State Warriors hosted the Los Angeles Lakers. And while anything can happen when two NBA teams step out onto the court, there was nobody on earth who thought the Warriors would lose to an inferior opponent for the second time in a week. Especially not Charles Barkley.

As you probably know, Sir Charles is not known for keeping his opinions all bottled up inside, and he has a knack for coming up with colorful analogies when talking about basketball. So it should hardly surprise us that he came up with a pretty hilarious analogy for the Lakers’ chances of beating the Warriors.

“They’re like the black girl on The Bachelor,” Barkley said. “They got no chance.”

Have a listen:

Of course, I looked up this season’s Bachelor contestants and it turns out there are actually three black girls. And while 11 other girls have been cut so far, those three black girls are still there.

So you’re wrong, Chuck. The Lakers’ chances of beating the Warriors were actually way worse than the chances of the black girls winning The Bachelor.

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