Cris Carter Believes Pats Chandler Jones Was Smoking Weed Laced With PCP (Video)

New England Patriots star Chandler Jones earlier in the week had to be hospitalized due to him smoking ‘Fake Weed’ that had him shoeless, shirtless, and confused as he was outside of a Foxboro police station.

Here’s how it all went down … cops say they first noticed Chandler scurrying toward the cops-only back entrance of their station around 7:40 AM in a pair of blue sweatpants with no shirt.

Then suddenly, without warning, cops say Jones dropped to his knees, interlocked his fingers behind his head and began to move slowly toward the ground.

“Honestly, it appeared as if he was actively praying or worshipping,” one officer reported.

Hall of fame WR Cris Carter was on Mike & Mike this morning and he seems to think Chandler Jones’ fake weed was laced with something that made him act like that.


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