Dallas Fans Launch Johnny Manziel-to-Cowboys Campaign

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Yep. Cowboys fans are in full swing right now. New Cleveland Browns coach reportedly will make getting Johnny Manziel off the team his #1 priority. Manziel has made it no secret that he wants to play for Dallas, Jerry Jones had his shot to bring the controversial QB to town during the 2014 draft, but was advised not to. Now, there may be a second chance to snag the QB, Jerry is not gonna pass again.

A couple Cowboys fans want to make sure Jerry doesn’t and started a campaign titled “BringJohnny2Dallas.com” where fans can buy shirts and sign the petition.

The petition reads as:

“We need to bring the greatest quarterback to grace God’s country, Texas, back to Texas! Johnny is a quarterback that can bring some spark back to ‘Merica’s Team. The young star hasn’t yet had his chance to shine. As the future leader of the greatest sports franchise in the world, he would get that chance. As true fans, we need to put a star on this man’s helmet and bring him home to the Lone Star State where he belongs. Dallas fans, let’s make Jerry hear our voice by spreading Johnny awareness across our great state!”

Check out the entire petition here.

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