Draymond Green Receives an Amazing Parting Gift from Kobe Bryant (Pic)


For all the hubbub surrounding the Kobe Bryant farewell tour (and there’s a TON of hubbub), let’s not ignore the actual meaningful parts. It’s easy to forget that Kobe Bryant is a human being, and not some basketball machine, but he’s done a pretty good job of reminding us of that throughout the season.

Last night, after the Lakers gave the Warriors a good run for their money, Kobe bestowed upon Draymond Green a pair of his signature Nikes, signed and with the message, “To Draymond, Make History.” That’s a pretty nice thing to get from one of the NBA’s greatest players.

Something tells me those shoes will be kept someplace special for a very, very, very long time.

And if Draymond Green was looking for validation that he’s in the upper echelon of NBA players, this might be just the thing he needed.

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