A Flames Fan Makes the Logical Decision to Dunk His Hot Dog in Nacho Cheese (GIF)

hot dog

I’m not quite sure what makes this story “newsworthy,” but it’s pretty fun to watch, which I suppose makes it worthwhile. A Flames fan who was sitting behind their bench during Wednesday’s game against the red-hot Florida Panthers was caught on camera *gasp* dunking their hot dog in nacho cheese!

On an unrelated note (but possibly completely related), the Flames won 6-0, so maybe the team’s success is FUELED BY THE MERGING OF JUNK FOODS!

As I said, I really don’t know why this is a big deal. First of all, I’m pretty sure that every place that sells hot dogs offers some sort of artificial cheese to top it off with, and secondly, aren’t all arena foods meant to complement each other? Like I can pour a Bud Light into a little baseball helmet full of soft serve, and that’s fine because they go together quite nicely at ballparks.

So we can make fun of this man’s decadence, or we can commend him for being the sanest man you’ve ever come across in your life.  Your call.

Hat Tip – [Brobible]

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