Former Giants Punter Steve Weatherford REALLY Hates the Eagles (Tweets)

former giants punter stever weatherford hates eagles

In the good old days it was unheard of for an athlete to leave one team to play for their arch rivals. But these aren’t the good old days. Johnny Damon to the Yankees. Brett Favre to the Vikings. Ray Allen to the Heat. If the money is right, literally anything is possible now…unless you are former New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford.

Weatherford played for the Giants from 2011 through 2014. During that time he became a fan favorite, and he was instrumental in helping them reach and win Super Bowl XLVI. So you might think he would be a little bitter about the Giants cutting him prior to the 2015 season to save some cap space. But no. After he got cut, the guy actually posted a video on Twitter thanking the Giants and their fans, tagging it #OnceAGiantAlwaysAGiant. And on Thursday he doubled down with an epic Twitter session in which he said he would never EVER play for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Take a look:

So I guess that kinda rules out a job with the Browns, too.

Actually, Steve Weatherford is shredded and could totally handle himself, but…

Needless to say, Giants fans enjoyed the hell out of all this.

As did Weatherford himself.

Troll Level: Expert

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