A Harlem Globetrotter Skillfully Mimicked Steph Curry’s Pre-Game Routine (Video)

steph curry

Sure, the Harlem Globetrotters might not be sitting on NBA MVP trophies or one of the best records in league history, but don’t try to say they don’t have crazy-good ball skills. The team was courtside prior to last night’s Warriors-Lakers game, and after a few pleasantries exchanged, Steph Curry took to his now-famous pregame routine.

And it took all of about six seconds for a Globetrotter to start mimicking him:

It’s impressive for two reasons: First off, it takes a lot of skill to pull those moves off. Secondly, it takes a lot of effort to memorize and nail that routine like he did. I’m not sure he’s a Steph Curry rival, but he sure does a great impression.

Here’s another view:

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