Nerlens Noel Left the Court Before Tipoff for a Bathroom Break (Video)


It’s always amazed me that there aren’t more bathroom-related issues during sporting events. I mean, pro athletes are arguably the most conspicuous people in the world, so if one of them has to answer nature’s call immediately, it’s pretty obvious. Granted football players might get a little more anonymity than say a tennis player or a golfer.

Last night, Nerlens Noel made his absence known as he lined up for the tipoff, then abruptly left the court to use the bathroom. The word on the street is that Noel was wrestling with some “mild nausea,” which is a medically sound way of saying “He needed to poop.”

It’s cool, though. Carl Landry took his place for the first four minutes of the game and Noel was back in action and no worse for wear afterwards.

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