Seattle Radio Station Asks Listeners: ‘Is Cam Newton A Jackass?’

Cam Newton

Seattle Seahawks take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in the divisional round of the playoffs. A radio station in Seattle had an interesting topic to discuss with their listeners regarding QB Cam Newton.

Their topic: Is Cam Newton a Jackass? No, really. That was the topic and they ran a poll to get Seattle listeners opinion of him. Cam has faced some criticism this year for ripping down fans banners, receiving a letter from a fan for dancing, opponents upset because he dances for too long.

Here’s what SportsradioKJR has to say on their website:

“Let’s settle this once and for all! There has been a heavy dose of discussion regarding Cam Newton’s antics on and off the field which rubs some people the wrong way. Others think the naysayers need to lighten up. What do you think?”

The story then gives people the option to vote in a poll. An early check this morning showed the “jackass” option was winning, but as more people found out about the poll, “not” a jackass has taken the lead.

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