Matt Barnes On Derek Fisher: Violence Can Be The Answer Sometimes



That is probably not a good thing to say around young kids that violence can sometimes be the answer. Matt Barnes can’t and won’t let this situation go, your former teammate & friend who probably saw you & your wife during good times swoops in when the times get rough is a hard pill to swallow.

At this point, Derek Fisher should get some security until things blow over which may never happen as long as he decides to continue a relationship with his former friend’s ex-wife. Barnes has already said he and Fisher will fight again once he retires. Now this:

On Saturday, Barnes told reporters, “Every man who looks at the situation knows what’s right and wrong. Violence is never the answer, but sometimes it is.”
“Don’t try to shake my hand,” he continued. “There’s none of that. There’s nothing there. There never will be. Just stay away.”
Barnes told reporters Fisher hasn’t responded to him “because he knows he’s wrong. And he already took one loss (in the fight). So what’s the point.”

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