Wanna Move The Rams to L.A. in Madden? Here’s How (Video)

Los Angeles Rams Madden 16

Unless you’re from St. Louis, the worst part about the Rams moving to Los Angeles from your perspective may be the fact that it makes your game of Madden 16 outdated.  As a result, you’ll now be forced to pony up the cash for Madden 17 when it comes out in August, or, for those not interested in spending the money, you can take a few simple steps to move the Rams to Los Angeles in this year’s game.

It’s actually quite simple. Here are the steps, via Sporting News:

1.  Start a new franchise as the Rams.

2. Go to “Change Role,” choose an owner (you can keep Stan Kroenke if your heartless soul desires), adjust the necessary settings, and begin your season.

3.  In week 5, when given an option to declare intentions to relocate, choose Los Angeles as your destination.

4. In week 6, you get to pick the team name.  Stick with the Rams.

5. In week 8, you’re asked to pick a stadium.  Choose whichever one you please.

6. Complete the remainder of the season, go through free agency and the draft, begin year two of your franchise, and voila!  The Rams are now in Los Angeles.

Of course, you can either play through season one of your franchise, or for those with less patience, you can simply sim through it all and begin playing in season two as the Los Angeles Rams.  Your call.

In case you need some additional help shipping the Rams to Los Angeles in your Madden 16 video game, here’s a video that will walk you through it:

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