Danny Amendola: I Will Appeal Any Fine For This ‘Clean Hit’


In the first divisional game on Saturday, The New England Patriots took on the Kansas City Chiefs and the Pats came out victorious by a score of 27-20. In the 1st half, Chiefs punt returner Jamell Fleming was waiting for a punt as Danny Amendola came out of nowhere and absolutely laid him out.

Everybody saw what was wrong about this play except Amendola himself. This is what he said after the game:

“I’ll appeal if I’m getting fined, but I thought it was a clean hit,”

Amendola was flagged 2 yards on the play, as it happened on the Patriots’ 4-yard line. And he said he was just doing what he was told to do.

“We’re coached to do that,” Amendola added. “It’s a big play if I block that guy and the ball bounces in the end zone. We get the ball on the 20-yard line, so it’s a big play in the game, big play for field position.”

So they’re coached to take cheap shots. Got it.

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