Boban Marjanovic Slams Down a Putback, Then Gives a Crazy Staredown (Video)

stare down

Last night, it was clear that tensions were running high in the game between the Spurs and Mavericks.

The Spurs broke away early and maintained a 20-point lead for much of the second half, but that didn’t stop tensions from running high between the two squads. Even the lesser-known players were getting in on the action, as demonstrated by this clip of Boban Marjanovic getting a board and dunking over Jeremy Evans, then holding his gaze on him for an uncomfortably long time.

It honestly looked a bit silly, but I guess we all celebrate in different ways.

Some say Boban is still staring at him, 14 hours later, which would have to be pretty obnoxious for Evans to have to deal with.

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