Peyton Manning Told Emmanuel Sanders to Be Ready For Fake-Slide-Play

Peyton Manning fake slide

Nearly everyone who isn’t a Broncos fan thinks Peyton Manning was actually giving himself up when he apparently faked a slide, got up, and connected with Emmanuel Sanders for a 34-yard gain during Sunday’s playoff game against the Steelers.  But that hasn’t stopped Peyton from continuing his attempt to trick us into thinking he really meant to do that.

Here’s his response to a question from the media regarding whether or not he knew he wasn’t touched on the play (via

“I don’t really want to analyze this play too much. I’d kind of like it to go away, if it could. I was stepping up. When you fake that way and kind of get your head around, I felt that guy closing, so I stepped up and kind of leaned forward. My momentum kind of just took me down, I guess. I didn’t think that he had touched me. I told [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] just to kind of be alert in case I fall down, get back up to be uncovered.”

And here he is responding to how he saw Sanders open on the play:

“I knew what I had on the original pass play. I guess it turns into a little bit of a scramble. It was a big play, it kind of changed field position. We ended up not scoring. We punted and then, I didn’t know you could fumble a punt a get a touchback. That was a new one to me. I didn’t feel good about it, really, at that point, but the defense got that turnover on that next drive.”

Sorry, Peyton, but I’m not buying any of it.

Here’s a look at the play. Consider it, along with Peyton’s comments, and come to your own conclusion:

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