Ron Rivera Banned Hoverboards at Panthers Facility Because of ‘Drag Racing’ and Possible Fires

Cam Newton hoverboard photo

The Carolina Panthers are one win away from playing in the Super Bowl, so the last thing they need is an injury resulting from a hoverboard accident.

Apparently that was becoming a real possibility, partly due to their tendency to burst into flames, and partly due to the fact that the players were drag racing them through the hallway.  So Panthers head coach Ron Rivera had no choice but to ban the devices from the team’s facility.

While speaking to the media today, Rivera admitted to catching his players in the act.

“I will say this, too: I caught them drag racing in the freaking hallway one time, too,” Rivera told reporters. He claims he instituted the ban a few weeks before Christmas, showing the players a video of a hoverboard catching fire before telling them, “Guys, we can’t have those in here. You bring one of those things in here and they short-circuit and the next thing you know we’ve got a freaking fire here.”

Sounds like Riverboat Ron doesn’t screw around when it comes to fire prevention.

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