The Bills Didn’t Make the Playoffs, But the Bills Mafia Is Still Going Strong (Video)

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The Buffalo Bills did not make the playoffs this year, as usual. However, if you thought a little thing like not making the playoffs was going to keep Bills fans from partying, you clearly have not been paying attention.

This year, Bills fans—or the Bills Mafia, as they like to call themselves—emerged as some of the drunkest, highest, rowdiest, horniestwrestlingest fans in the National Football League. Pretty much every week they were doing something either incredibly stupid and super freaky. And while the Bills’ season is now officially over, at least one member of the Bills Mafia still has gas left in the tank.

On Sunday, in what looks like the middle of a college campus, a group of bros gathered to do some tailgating before the Patriots-Chiefs game. So naturally, the Bills fan among them—that would be the guy dressed in red and blue animal print pants and a Jim Kelly jersey—had one of his buds body slam him onto a folding table.

Take a look:

Keep doing your thing, Bills fans. Just don’t kill yourselves.

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