Report: Antonio Cromartie Pays An Estimated $336,000 Per Year In Child Support

antonio cromartie child support

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie better pray to God his 31-year-old knees hold out for three more years so he can collect the rest of his four-year, non-guaranteed $32 million contract. He’s going to need every penny of it to keep up with child support payments for the next 15 years.

Cromartie, of course, is one of the most prolific procreators in the history of professional sports. The man has 10 kids with eight women spread out across six different states. He’s impregnated a high school sweetheart, a model, a beauty queen, a corporate lawyer, and even a reality TV Star—namely, his current wife and the mother of two of his children, Terricka Cromartie.

Oh, and we mentioned that Cromartie has two more on the way despite having had a vasectomy, right?

Anyway, right now Antonio Cromartie “only” has to pay child support for eight of his kids because he’s married to one of his baby mammas. But according to the New York Post, he’s paying $3,500 per child every month. Which works out to $336,000 per year.

Now, obviously, $336,000 is not a ton of money for a guy who made $7,000,000 last season. But I doubt Cromartie is driving to work from his modest three bedroom bungalow in a Dodger Caravan. And if Antonio and Terricka ever got divorced, his child support would balloon to $504,000 per year.

Let’s hope the guy has a better financial planner than Curt Schilling.

Hat Tip – [New York Post]

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