REPORT: Cowboys Petition To Replay 2014 Divisional Game vs. Packers Following Fitzgerald Catch

Dez-Fitz Catches

When the officials in Saturday night’s Packer-Cardinals game upheld the ruling of a completed pass on Larry Fitzgerald‘s 22-yard third quarter catch (despite the fact that he bobbled the ball while going to the ground), the Packers were incensed. But they weren’t the angriest team in the NFL.

Who was?  ‘Murica’s Team.  The Dallas Cowboys, of course.

As you may remember, the Cowboys found themselves in a similar scenario to the Cardinals exactly one year ago, when Dez Bryant made an identical catch to Fitzgerald’s, only to have it ruled incomplete after video review.  That call by the officials negated a 31-yard gain on fourth down, and it wound up being the Cowboys’ final offensive play of the season, as the Packers’ offense ran out the remainder of the clock and advanced to the NFC Championship Game.

The Cowboys were pissed when it happened one year ago.  And they’re even more pissed now.  How could Fitzgerald’s catch be ruled a completion and Dez Bryant’s be ruled an incompletion?  This is the question that Jerry Jones‘ team can’t seem to figure out, and that’s why he’s filing a petition to have Dallas’ 2014 Divisional Round match-up against the Packers replayed.

Here’s a look at Jerry’s evidence:

According to the petition, which Jones sent to Commissioner Roger Goodell early Sunday morning, the Dallas Cowboys are demanding the game be replayed with 4:06 remaining in the fourth quarter and the Cowboys’ offense facing a first down from the Packers’ one-yard line.  Should Dallas win, they’ll get to play the Seahawks the following week in Seattle.  And if they win that game as well, the Cowboys and Patriots would receive two weeks of preparation before replaying Super Bowl XLIX at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

As for the rosters, Jones demands that they remain the same as last season, but he’s also asking that the Cowboys get to play with Johnny Manziel at quarterback in place of the now-injured Tony Romo.

When asked about the appeal by the media, Jones told them, “I think it’s simply a matter of us seeking justice.  If Greg Hardy can get justice, why can’t I?  We’re both good people, aren’t we?”

Reporters also caught up with Commissioner Goodell, who didn’t seem impressed by the Cowboys’ actions.

“Who do they think they are? The Patriots?” Roger asked.

He’d go on to say, “This is ridiculous! When do they expect us to replay these games?  I really hope they don’t win this appeal, but that’s not up to me.  Both sides have agreed to leave that decision in the hands of an unbiased, perfectly-neutral party that is appointed by the league.”

When asked if he knew exactly who would be hearing the case, Goodell told the reporters, “I do, as a matter of fact. Myself.”


***P.S. This is a parody post….Duh!!!***

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