Seahawks Fan Removes “Super Bowl 50 Champs” Tattoo After Online Bullying (Video)

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Every year, fans get too confident in their team and believe they will win the Super Bowl that year. It’s expected, majority of the fan bases do it, but normal people stop right there. Fanatics have to take it to another level and get a tattoo celebrating their Super Bowl win months in advance.

This particular Seattle Seahawks fan got himself a Super Bowl 50 Tattoo thinking his team was destined to get back to the big game for a 3rd straight year. WRONG. Imagine how he felt when the team was down 31-0 at halftime against the Panthers this past Sunday.

As soon as the Seahawks lost, the picture of this guy and his failed Tattoo was EVERYWHERE. So much so, the guy decided to get it removed because he felt bullied. Check out the video:

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