Cali Fisherman Hooks a Great White Shark Off a Pier (Video)


A guy was minding his own business, fishing off the San Clemente pier in California when he found out, much to his surprise/disgust/concern/delight, that he had hooked a six-foot Great White shark.

I wasn’t aware they made Great Whites that small, but I’m guessing if it was much bigger, this dude would have been out a fishing pole.

He worked with the shark to free it from the line, which finally happened, and the shark returned to its routine no worse for the wear.

Many think that the unseasonably warm waters brought by El Nino led the shark so close to the shore. Whatever it was, I’m sure that it will have casual swimmers thinking twice about heading back to the water to share it with deadly sharks.

Glad the shark is now free to get back to doing what it loves most: getting revenge on humans.

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