Cubs Fan Donates Kidney to Five-Year-Old White Sox Fan

cubs fan donates kidney to 5-year-old white sox fan drew duszynski

Five-year-old White Sox fan Drew Duszynski was recently given the most amazing gift he’ll ever get in his life. And it came from a complete stranger who just so happens to be a Cubs fan.

Drew was born with a condition called autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease, which basically means his kidneys just didn’t work properly from day one. For the first three years of his life Drew was able to manage his condition by taking up to six medications daily to control high potassium, high phosphorous, and high blood pressure. However, by year four his kidney function started to decline rapidly. And by June 2015 both of Drew’s kidneys were removed, meaning he had to undergo dialysis every single day.

At that point, all Drew’s parents could do was sit around and pray that an adult donor would come forward in time to save their son. Meanwhile, friends and family started holding fundraisers and spreading the word via social media, hoping for a miracle.

Then, one day, a 35-year-old man named Chris White came into their lives. He had heard about Drew from his wife, who had heard about him through a friend, who had heard about him through mom’s group on Facebook. White immediately knew that, if he was a match, he wanted to donate a kidney to Drew. His own son, Jack, was also five years old. And he had witnessed first-hand the difference he could make in Drew’s life because his wife donated a kidney to her father years before.

Fortunately, it turned out that Drew and Chris were a match. So the procedure took place last month at Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee.

The fact that Drew is a White Sox fan and Chris is a Cubs fan was not lost on no one.

“I hope that my donation might, at some point, set him straight and influence Drew’s choice in baseball teams,” Chris told Redeye Chicago.

Of course, if you know anything about the Cubs-White Sox rivalry, you know that not even a life-saving act of kindness will be enough to change Drew’s loyalties.

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