FC Dallas Draft Pick Has Best Instagram Handle Ever (Tweets)

fc dallas draft pick colin bonner instagram handle ragingbonner

So the MLS SuperDraft is going on right now. If that means something to you, great! But if not, stick around anyway, because this story is fantastic.

On Tuesday afternoon, FC Dallas selected a kid named Colin Bonner out of UNC Wilmington with the fourth pick of the third round of the draft. It seemed like no big deal at first. Colin looks like your typical 22-year-old college bro.

However, on the TV broadcast of the SuperDraft, the MLS was putting up each player’s name, position, school, and social media handle. And it just so happens that Colin Bonner has the best Instagram handle in the history of Instagram handles.

That’s right. The kid’s Instagram handle is @ragingbonner.

Now, if this were Major League Baseball, the old dudes who run the teams would be outraged and a bunch of crusty sportswriters would fire off hot takes about how this kid “doesn’t respect the game.” But of course it’s not Major League Baseball. It’s Major League Soccer. And Major League Soccer is cool and hip and doesn’t get bent out of shape about stuff like this.

Hence this series of tweets from other MLS teams:

Then FC Dallas realized what was going on and chimed in with their own reaction:

You can have your No Fun League, with their heartless relocations and absurd uniform rules. After seeing how this @ragingbonner thing played out on Twitter, I’m going to give the MLS a shot.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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