Jim Harbaugh Is Now Attending High School Classes to Land Recruits (Tweet)


Jim Harbaugh has done a hell of a job turning around the fate of the Michigan football program, so we might not want to question his methods…but we REALLY want to question his methods.

The notoriously intense coach headed out to Concord, CA to meet with four-star defensive tackle Boss Tagaloa of La Salle High School.

While it was supposed to be a short meeting at the school, Harbaugh stuck around all day.  He even attended a class before continuing the meeting at Tagaloa’s house.

Judging by this tweet, I would guess that Harbaugh’s methods are proving effective:

I’m not sure if Harbaugh will have the time or inclination to make such an effort with every Michigan recruit, but he might not have to. These things have a way of getting out, and he might be able to market himself as a player’s coach soon enough.

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