Kid Loses Wrestling Match to Twin Brother, Punches Him in the Nuts (Video)

7-year-old boy punches twin brother in the nuts after losing wrestling match

Nobody likes to lose. It’s completely contrary to our primal instinct for survival. And yet one of the fundamental truths of life is that everybody is going to lose at some point, whether it’s the ultimate battle against time and death or merely that argument with you spouse about whether that was Amy Adams or Isla Fisher in The Great Gatsby. (It was Fisher.) So we have to learn to lose.

That is one of the reasons why we have our kids play sports. Sure, playing sports is fun and good for you. But it also teaches you how to fail and succeed with dignity and grace so that hopefully, when you’re 37 years old and you lose out on that promotion to your co-worker, you don’t kick the garbage can over, flip off your boss, and storm out of the office.

Sportsmanship is a process, though. You don’t learn it all at once. And some are quicker to pick it up than others.

The seven-year-old kid in the video you are about to watch? He definitely hasn’t mastered this sportsmanship thing yet. After losing a wrestling match to his twin brother, instead of shaking hands like you’re supposed to do, he just punches his unsuspecting bro right in the nuts.

Take a look:

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Of course, I know what you’re wondering, and the answer is yes. You are a bad person for laughing at that. And so am I.