Nasty High School Girls Basketball Brawl Gets Both Teams’ Seasons Cancelled (Videos)

high school girls basketball brawl

The Indiana High School Athletic Association has cancelled the seasons of both teams involved in a nasty high school girls basketball brawl last weekend.

IHSAA commissioner Bobby Cox called the incident “an egregious and dangerous event” and said the girls teams from Ben Davis High School and Pike High School in Indianapolis will not be allowed to finish the regular season or take part in the state tournament in February. Moreover, both teams will be on probation next season, all coaches will be required to take behavioral courses, and all players will be required to take sportsmanship courses.

It is unclear what exactly started the brawl last Saturday, but it is clear that it went from 0 to 60 in about three seconds. One moment the girls are playing basketball. The next moment there’s a huge scrum the middle of the court, and one Pike player is stomping on somebody lying on the floor.

Take a look:

According to one person who was at the game, the girls were talking trash to each other all night. And if that is the case, it would seem officials and coaches are to blame for not nipping this one in the bud sooner.

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