Panthers Fan Willing To Trade NFC Title Game Tickets For Pics Of Female Feet


The Carolina Panthers are a few days away from playing in their first NFC title game since 2005, they last appeared in the Super Bowl in 2003 and lost to the New England Patriots. It was the hottest ticket in Charlotte, sold out in 3 minutes so of course fans are looking to other social media sites to find good deals on some tickets.

Enter Craigslist where you will see the weirdest of the weird people on there selling and offering the strangest things. This particular Carolina Panthers fan has 4 tickets to give away, not sell for a profit, but to give away. There’s a catch. You have to be a female willing to send a picture of your feet and you smiling in the photo to win the tickets.

Clearly, this is the work of some creeper with a weird foot fetish trying to score some foot photos, probably doesn’t have any tickets in his possession.

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