Russell Westbrook Has a Few Choice Words for the Nuggets Mascot (Video)


Did you know that Russell Westbrook has something resembling a feud going on with Rocky, the Denver Nuggets mascot? I didn’t either, but the news is delightful. Apparently the lights-out Thunder guard screwed the mascot out of a half-court shot a couple years back, and it seems that things haven’t gotten any more congenial since then.

Here’s that video:

And here’s Westbrook last night, curtly asking Rocky for a little more DAMN SPACE:

Awesome. Maybe they’ll throw down next time. I can only hope that the mascot wins. That would be the most devastating thing that could happen to a top-tier NBA player. I’m sure that killing a person wouldn’t be as damaging to their image as losing to a mascot in a fight.

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