This Week’s SI Cover Features Brady and Manning (Pic)

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning

Are you ready for the Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning hype train to come crashing through your town?  I hope so, because it’s about to.

Now that everyone is finished talking about last weekend’s Divisional Round contests, it’s time to start looking ahead to Conference Championship weekend.  And headlining this Sunday’s pair of games is a battle between two quarterbacks who most consider to be the best of this generation, and maybe even the best ever.

The people over at Sports Illustrated know that there will be plenty of interest surrounding the AFC Championship between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, and that’s why they’ve decided to stick the starting quarterbacks of both teams on the cover of this week’s issue of the magazine.

Me personally, I’m more excited about the NFC Championship Game between the 15-1 Carolina Panthers and the 13-3 Arizona Cardinals, but I’m sure the Pat-Broncos game will be a doozy as well.

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