Chip Kelly: “Sometimes You Land In Crap, Sometimes You Land In San Francisco” (Video)

Seems like just last year around this time, the 49ers were introducing a new head coach, that’s because they were. Enter new head coach Chip Kelly, fresh off getting fired from the Philadelphia Eagles and landing right back on his feet. Not really, the 49ers are just as bad as the Eagles.

Chip sat down with CSN Bay Area and his very 1st answer was interesting to say the least:

“When you fall out of a boat, sometimes you land in crap, sometimes you land in San Francisco.”

He also said during the interview:

“Communication is key no matter what organization you’re in,” Kelly said. “And how you communicate your vision in terms of what’s going on. And for me it was to make sure in my next situation that collaboratively I was on the same page. And I really feel like I am with [owner] Jed [York] and [G.M.] Trent [Baalke].”

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