High School Bball Player Scores Basket After Pass Banks off His Face (Video)

face layup

If you ever wanted a tiny little representation of what high school sports are REALLY like, this video should suffice nicely.

In this game between Tharptown and Hatton of Alabama, a guard pulls up, and instead of taking a decent-looking shot at the basket, fires the ball to the low post. It splits two big men, both of whom are only about 40% sure the pass is for them, banks off a hand, then hits Tharptown’s Max Nolan in the face.

Then it went in the hoop for two.

Fortunately, Nolan’s GF was videotaping the whole thing, and was kind enough to set it to slow-motion and post the thing on Twitter.

She sounds like a keeper, Max. If it wasn’t for her, no one would be writing about you today!



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