Rockets’ K.J. McDaniels Fouled Andre Drummond 5 Times in 9 Seconds (Video)

KJ McDaniels Foul Andre Drummond

Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond always poses a threat to the opposing team, except when he’s at the free-throw line

With a 35.4% success rate at the charity stripe, the only threat Drummond poses at the free-throw line is to his own team.  The Houston Rockets know this, and that is why they sent Drummond to the free-throw line a ridiculous 36 times on Wednesday night.

Ten of those 36 attempts came within a span of nine seconds, as the Rockets’ K.J. McDaniels committed five of the quickest fouls you’ll ever see.  They were so fast, we can fit them all in a single Vine:

Of his 36 attempts from the line, Drummond made 13–which means he missed 23 of his attempts, setting a new NBA record for most missed free-throws in a single game.

Despite his record-breaking futility from the line, the Pistons still went on to beat the Rockets, 123-114.

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