Rumored Jordan Stories: He Battled Pippen For Madonna, Gave Tiger Woods Advice on Women

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen

Here’s the deal:  We can’t verify that these stories are 100 percent true.  We can’t even guarantee that they are 50 of 20 percent true.

As the story goes, there’s been an email going around that details a bunch of stories someone jotted down after he and his dad had dinner with former Chicago Bulls assistant coach Johnny Bach.  In addition to showing up on Reddit about a year ago, Deadspin claims they also received an email with the stories back in 2012.  And after receiving a similar email earlier this week, just a day after Bach passed away at the age of 91, they came to the conclusion that the stories, whether true or false, were just too good to keep a secret any longer.

Bach served as an assistant for the Bulls from 1986 to 1994, and again from 2003 until 2006.  He also coached the Golden State Warriors in the 80s for a few years, and was an assistant with the Hornets, Pistons and Wizards as well.

Having coached the likes of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as a member of Phil Jackson‘s staff, you’d probably imagine Bach would have some cool stories about MJ and Scottie.  But you probably never imagined they’d be this cool.

It’s no wonder Deadspin couldn’t keep these a secret any longer.  They’re gold!!!!  Here are just a few of them for you.

On Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen’s battle over Madonna:

“Scottie and Michael used to compete on everything. Jordan used always claim his hands were bigger, but they weren’t. Scottie was very blessed down below. And that killed Michael. Johnny said, “you should have seen the girls pippen had waiting for him everywhere we went. Madonna used to pick him up in a limo with a hot tub every time we went to L.A. Michael used to tell Madonna he could satisfy her better, to which Madonna would tell him “not a chance.”

On MJ calling Muggsy Bogues a “midget” and possible ruining his career:

“When Johnny was coaching with the Hornets in 1995 they had a good team. Glen Rice, Mourning, Johnson. Series was tied at 2 and Hornets had a chance to win game 5 in Chicago. On the biggest possession of the game, Mugsy had the ball with the Hornets down 1. Jordan backed off of him and told him: “shoot it you fucking midget.” Mugsy shot it, didn’t come close. A year later Mugsy actually told Johnny Bach that he believes that single play ruined his career. His shot never recovered.”

On Jordan’s advice to Tiger Woods and how he used to interrogate his women:

“MJ used to tell Johnny that “Tiger Woods is an idiot. I tried to help him, but the kid’s gonna get caught.” (we all know how that turned out). In order for a girl to get to MJ, she needed to go through 4 undercover former narcotics detectives just to speak to Michael. She had to be approved by all 4 to make sure she wasn’t gonna say a damn word about MJ to anyone. So there’s MJ, not the greatest character guy, but he sure was pretty smart.”

I really hope these are all true.

You can check out the entire email here.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]



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