Roberto Mancini Says Napoli Manager Maurizio Sarri Called Him a F*ggot

inter coach mancini says napoli coach maurizio sarri called him faggot

Inter Milan manager Roberto Mancini claims Napoli manager Maurizio Sarri called him a “finocchio,” which is Italian for f*ggot. As a result, Sarri has been suspended for two games by Italian soccer officials.

The incident occurred in the closing minutes of Inter’s 2-0 win over Napoli in Tuesday night’s Italian Cup quarterfinal. Mancini got sent off for arguing with the fourth official over the amount of extra time. However, before he left the field Sarri started chirping at Mancini, and soon the two were engaged in a heated argument.

That’s when Sarri busted out the homophobic slurs.

“Sarri is a racist,” Mancini told a reporter after the game. “People like him do not belong in soccer. When the fourth official signalled the extra time I got up just to ask him why five minutes. He began to intervene against me, then he used racist words—’frocio,’ ‘finocchio.’ And I would be proud to be that, if these are men. He is 60 years old and should be ashamed of himself.”

Sarri’s take on the incident? He told reporters he couldn’t remember what he said, but that “what is said on the pitch should stay on the pitch.”

Sadly, this is not at all out of character for Maurizio Sarri. Just last year he used the f-word while bemoaning how Italian soccer had become too soft.

“Football has become a sport for ‘froci,'” Sarri said after a game. “We suffered twice as many fouls, but we had more yellow cards. It’s a contact sport in Italy but the whistle is blown a lot more than in England because of the interpretation by ‘omosessuali.'”

Given his history, a two-game suspension doesn’t seem nearly long enough.

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