Bob Arum On How He Once Paid J Prince $600K So He Wouldn’t Kill Mayweather (Vid)


J. Prince or James Prince, CEO of Houston based Rap-a-Lot Records & boxing manager to Andre Ward and once to Floyd “Money” Mayweather. J Prince isn’t the tallest man, but he is somebody to be feared if you get on his bad side. Since the 80’s, he’s been known to send out “Courtesy calls” to folks that are on his bad side to straighten them out before things get out of hand.

Prince once famously served as Floyd Mayweather’s manager, before TBE moved on to Bob Arum, before finally starting his Mayweather Promotions. Besides boxing, Mayweather is known for having huge bodyguards with him at all times. Bob Arum appeared on ESPN’s Highly Questionable today and said there’s a reason behind that.

Arum told a story — of essentially saving Floyd’s life — paying Prince $600K on behalf of Mayweather — who owed the Houston OG that percentage.

“We were at dinner one night and I got a call that there was a disturbance in my gym,” Arum told Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones. “Floyd apparently had asked us not to do a fight in October but to do it in December after James Prince’s contract with him had run out. The disturbance in my gym was that some people came over, with or without the knowledge of James Prince, and proceeded to break a couple of heads of people in Mayweather’s camp with baseball bats.

So the gym was splattered with blood. Floyd came to my office the next day and he said, ‘Prince wants his money from the fight that’s coming up.’ I said, ‘Fine, if that’s what you want. I’ll write him a letter of credit.’ Floyd said, ‘Prince don’t do no letters of credit. You better send the cash.’ So I wrote a check, and I made a contract with Prince’s lawyer and he got paid the money that he said he was entitled to as Floyd’s manager.”

“Whether [Mayweather] was afraid or whether he was doing the right thing, that’s for Floyd to determine,” Arum said. “This was the percentage of Floyd’s purse that Prince would have been entitled to.”


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