Facebook Set to Launch Live Game Hub Called “Facebook Sports Stadium”

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Smart phones have changed the way we watch sports. People don’t just sit down and watch a big game anymore. They follow stats and fantasy numbers on sports apps and keep tabs on what people are saying about the game on social media.

Of course, to follow games this way, sports fans have always had to switch back and forth between game hub apps and social media apps. But that’s about to change, because somebody over at Facebook recently asked a brilliant question: what if we combine play-by-play game updates and all the other stuff you get with a sports app with a live stream of commentary from experts and friends and make it all available in Facebook? And the answer to that question is Facebook Sports Stadium.

Now, Facebook is generally where you share more private things with friends of your choosing. However, talking about sports with family and friends on Facebook can be frustrating because the newsfeed is governed by a smart-ass algorithm that tries to predict what you want to see instead of just showing you exactly what people are saying.

Twitter, on the other hand, is where you go to engage in public dialogue, and the newsfeed is real-time so you can see things as they happen. For that reason, Twitter has generally been the preferred social media platform for talking about live sports.

Facebook Sports Stadium could change that, however. It’s newsfeed will be real-time, which could attract more journalists, athletes, and other trendsetters who primarily use Twitter. However, the newsfeed will also contain posts by your actual family and friends—i.e., the people you really want to talk trash to or commiserate with. So this could be a game-changer.

facebook sports stadium

Eventually you’ll be able to use Facebook Sports Stadium for all major sporting events. However, it’s not fully operational yet. It will be available to iPhone users in the U.S. for the NFL’s conference championship games this weekend, and it will be available on desktop for the Super Bowl. After that it will expand to other platforms and sports in time.

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