Oilers’ Matt Hendricks Took a Cup-Shattering Slapshot to the Groin Last Night (Pic + Video)


Well, if you ever need a PSA for the benefits of wearing a protective cup, I think that the Oilers’ Matt Hendricks would be happy to do one, or ten, promotional videos after last night’s misfortune.

In last night’s match against the Stars, Alex Goligoski let fly a slapshot that only managed to travel a few feet before hitting Matt Hendricks in a very sensitive area. He doubled over in a combination of shock and pain, but found that things could have been much worse.

Here’s the video, which doesn’t get up close on the action:

And then a fun tweet from Hendricks showing just how much in harm’s way his junk really was:

Wear your protective gear, kids. Pucks aren’t made of foam.

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