USC Players “Joke” That They’re Worried Rams Players Will Steal Their Chicks (Video)

usc players worried the rams will steal their chicks

St. Louis sports fans aren’t the only ones upset about the Rams’ decision to relocate to Los Angeles. There are plenty of people in L.A. who aren’t crazy about it either.

Some bemoan the inevitable increase in traffic, which is already unbearable. Others were perfectly happy with the Dodges, Lakers, Kings, and Clippers and don’t want the Rams to steal their thunder. And a few people probably wish they were getting a good football team.

However, the institution that will be impacted the most by the Rams’ move to L.A. is USC. With the NFL gone, USC was the number one football team in town. And while the university was raking in cash, the players were enjoying becoming famous. In fact, back in the day guys like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were partying with celebrities and “keeping up with” the Kardashians, if you know what I mean. (I mean having sex with them. Just so we’re clear.)

With the NFL back in town, USC will be knocked down a peg. And it’s not just the football players who are worried.

TMZ caught up with USC basketball players Malik Martin and Chimezie Metu at LAX this week and asked them what they think of the Rams’ move. And, sure enough, right after traffic, their biggest worry was that they’re going to steal their girls.

Officially they were just joking. But there’s a little bit of the truth in every joke.

Take a look:

Hopefully USC players can keep their heads up. After a few years of watching the Rams play .437 football, the babes will start to lose interest just like everybody else in L.A.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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