Cam Newton Showed up to His Press Conference Wearing Some Amazing Loafers (Video and Pic)

cam newton

Cam Newton‘s got a reputation for wearing some pretty fashion-forward outfits to his press conferences, so it stands to reason that following his 49-15 victory over the Broncos in the AFC championship game, he’d wear a pretty fantastic ensemble.

Well, I’m not sure if it was “fantastic,” but it definitely was an “ensemble,” complete with some $2,000 Christian Louboutin loafers that were teeming with gold spikes. I’m glad he was playing a home game, because he definitely wouldn’t have been able to get those onto an airplane.

Take a look at a pic and video below:

I’m not sure what would cause a grown man to send out a tweet like that, but they are some pretty dramatic shoes.

Here they are in action, as Cam Newton walks into the room:

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