D.C. Cop Lays Down a Huge Stiff-Arm During Snowstorm Football Game (Video)


While most folks were tucked away in their homes during the east coast blizzard, watching Netflix and ordering food, the police had no choice but to continue to do their jobs outside in the snow.

Of course, with so few people out and about, that left them with a little time on their hands, so soon thereafter, in the D.C. area, some snow football developed with civilians.

As you can see, it looks like a great time was had by all, except maybe the guy on the receiving end of this cop’s stiff arm:

This took place on Friday night, before much of the nation had been hit with the worst of the storm.  So here’s to hoping they were able to get back out there on Saturday as well, or, better yet, that they got to stay in and dry off.

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