Epic Video Shows Film Maker Snowboarding Through Streets of New York (Videos)

casey neistat snowboarding through streets of new york times square

You know that giant blizzard that walloped the East Coast with two to three feet of snow over the weekend? The one nobody in the media or on the internet would shut up about? Well, it turns out something good did come of it. No, something awesome.

As it turns out, during the height of the storm, film maker, producer, and legendary video blogger Casey Neistat put together an ad-hoc film crew and made an excellent short film called “Snowboarding with the NYPD,” in which Neistat goes snowboarding through the snowy, mostly empty streets of New York.

The best part? I’d say it’s a tie between Neistat snowboarding through Times Square with an American flag and the film crew talking to some super cool cops who have absolutely no interest in arresting them.

Take a look:

Wondering how they pulled that off? Well, lucky for you there are two different “making of” videos with more than 18 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage.

The first is from cinematographer and fellow video blogger Jesse Wellens:

The second is from Neistat himself:

And you probably spent your snow day just sitting on your couch watching Netflix.

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