Heavy Snow Flattens Inflatable Redskins Practice Bubble (Pics)

redskins practice bubble

It’s a good thing the Washington Redskins were eliminated from the playoffs two weeks ago. If they weren’t, the fact that their practice facility was flattened by Winter Storm Jonas over the weekend would be a much bigger problem.

Like most teams, when weather gets bad, the Washington Redskins head indoors to practice. However, instead of practicing inside an actual building, they practice inside a giant inflatable practice bubble. And unfortunately, that bubble could not handle the 29.3 inches of snow and 52 mph wind gusts that ravaged the nation’s capitol over the weekend.

So instead of looking like this:

The Washington Redskins practice bubble now looks like this:

Of course, I was going to make a joke about Tom Brady here, because that’s what you do when writing about something that’s deflated. But for once I decided not to kick a man while he’s down.

And then I changed my mind:

tom brady was here

Good luck re-inflating your practice bubble, Washington.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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