Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman Smoked Fake Weed Prior to Hit and Run Incident


Seahawks Fullback Derrick Coleman has gotten himself in a bit of a situation with the recently released report that stated he smoked synthetic marijuana prior to a hit & run he had back in October.

“A report released Monday said that Coleman admitted to smoking the drug “Spice” prior to driving. The report said Coleman showed signs consistent with being impaired during field sobriety tests after the accident. The report recommended that Coleman be charged with Vehicular Assault and Hit and Run. The driver in the other vehicle was injured in the crash.”

Authorities conducted sobriety tests, the Seahawks fullback “showed signs consistent with being impaired” and “was unsteady on his feet,” while witnesses described Coleman as being “delirious and aggravated” and “incoherent.” A search of his vehicle uncovered a glass spoon pipe with residue and a lighter.


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