The Toronto Film Festival Will Host a Live-Reading of ‘Space Jam’ During All-Star Weekend

space jam

Ok. This is a little weird. Amid all the (awesome) festivities of NBA All-Star Weekend, the Toronto International Film Festival is doing their best to get all eyes on…Space Jam?

Not the actual movie, mind you, but a live reading of the script, presumably with athletes and celebrities, though no one has been named yet.

It’s not a terrible idea, it just seems pretty antithetical to the energy and flash of NBA All-Star Weekend. Maybe if this was during the offseason, it would be a little more welcome and palatable. Or maybe not. The nostalgia for Space Jam, a bad movie that wasn’t enjoyed at the time, seems to be manufactured by the media and the league. It’s a funny concept to have athletes read the script 20 years later, but does anyone REALLY want to see it done?

Oh, and it’s completely, totally been done already, which steals the magic away from the idea 100%. It’s not embeddable, but you can view the video here.


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