The Clippers Won’t Divulge How Blake Griffin Broke His Hand, But It Sounds Like He Punched a Clippers Staff


After Blake Griffin had been sitting on the sidelines for the past 15 games with a torn quadricep, fans and teammates alike were looking forward to his return. But it looks like they’ll have to wait a little longer, as the superstar forward now is contending with a hand injury. That’s unfortunate, but not the weird part.

The weird part is that the Clippers attributed the injury to an undisclosed team-related incident. Language that vague is basically screaming for investigation. The truth, as it’s being revealed, seems to be pretty bizarre. Griffin apparently injured his hand punching a Clippers equipment manager following an argument at a restaurant in Toronto on a road trip.

According to ESPN, Griffin hit the guy in the restaurant, then followed him outside and hit him again. There’s no word on what caused the incident, but I’m sure that info will be forthcoming. The equipment manager was treated for facial injuries, and it’s believed that Griffin has a fractured hand.

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