Eddie Lacy Wants P90X Owner To Help Him Not Be Fat Anymore



Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy is tired of being fat and wants to do something about it. He actually doesn’t have a choice or he won’t see the field next year according to his head coach. Extra added motivation for Lacy is that next season is a contract year so the lost pounds could mean added $$$$.

TMZ Sports has reported that both Tony Horton(P90X creator) & Eddie Lacy’s people have been in contact about shedding these extra pounds together.

Lacy’s people have been in touch with P90X creator Tony Horton — after Tony offered to PERSONALLY train the Green Bay Packers running back.

Horton — who’s trained all sorts of huge stars, athletes (Ray Lewis) and even politicians (Paul Ryan) — previously told TMZ Sports he already has a game plan to help Lacy drop his extra weight and get into the best of shape of his life before next season.

Now, Lacy’s people have confirmed the two sides have touched base in the hopes of working something out … though no agreement has been struck yet.

“The Packers will get him ready for the season. My job will be to get the weight off and help him eat better.”

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