Line Judge Takes 121 MPH Serve to the Groin at Aussie Open (Video)

tennis groin

Everything you need to know is there in the title folks. This is one of those events that sounds funny, until you realize that some poor guy trying to do his job got pretty badly hurt as a result of a superhuman serve.

The guy responsible for the serve was Thomas Berdych, and the serve was ruled out, but didn’t give the back middle line judge enough time to dodge the ball. Sure, he saw it coming, but his instinct, to pull his hands up, almost to protect his face or torso on the bounce, wasn’t the right one.

The crowd groaned in sympathy/empathy, but I’m sure that was of cold comfort to the recipient. Fortunately, he was a real pro and after a minute of regaining his composure, he was back in his spot, carrying on his duties.

This is the second such incident we’ve seen this week, following Tsonga tending to a ball girl who took a shot to the face.

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