No, Reggie Wayne Did NOT Reveal What It Means When Peyton Manning Yells “Omaha” (Video)

reggie wayne what it means when peyton manning says omaha

Legendary NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has a number of interesting audibles that he uses to tweak plays at the line of scrimmage. However, his most famous audible, which came to prominence during the Broncos’ run to the Super Bowl two years ago, is Omaha.

So what does it mean when Peyton Manning yells Omaha? Well, according to headlines all over the interwebs for the last few days, Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning’s number one target for 10 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, finally revealed the big secret on the NFL Network’s pre-game show on Sunday.

When aksed about Omaha, Wayne says it means “reverse the play and go the other way”:


But did you watch all the way until the end? To the part where Wayne says that “go the other way” is not what Omaha means today? Because that’s pretty important. That was Reggie Wayne saying he actually doesn’t know what Omaha means because Peyton Manning’s play calls are constantly changing. In fact, later on in the segment, in a part that got conveniently left out of’s sharable video, Wayne explains that Peyton Manning had his receivers memorize four typed pages of signals before every game.

What this all means is that, for a time, when Wayne played with Manning, Omaha meant “go the other way.” But that’s not what it meant when it became famous two years ago. And today? Obviously, there’s no way Omaha means what it did 10 years ago. No NFL offense would keep the same code words for an entire season, let alone a decade.

So don’t believe the hype. Reggie Wayne did not reveal what Omaha really means.

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