Australian Rugby Player Pees on Couch During House Party, Simulates Sex with a Dog (Video)


You might not know very much about the Australian Rugby League, but this video might force some people to pay a little more attention to the crazy goings-on in the sport. A video has surfaced of Mitchell Pearce, a 26 year-old halfback for the Sydney Roosters, basically being a drunken ass.

He’s apparently a guest at a girl’s house, and he shows his graciousness by pretending to bang her small dog and peeing all over himself and her couch (which happened before the video starts).

It’s more weird than it is terrible, and Pearce makes statements saying that he doesn’t have a sexuality and that he’ll have sex with her dog because he “doesn’t care anymore.” At least that implies that he would have, at one time, cared about having sex with a dog. It’s nice to know his moral compass existed at some point.

Here’s the video. Don’t invite this guy over for drinks:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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