Blake Griffin Apologizes For Breaking His Hand on the Equipment Manager’s Face (Pics)

blake griffin apologizes clippers equipment manager matias testi

Clippers superstar Blake Griffin has already missed the last 15 games because of a strained quad suffered on Christmas Day. Now he’s going to miss the next 4-6 weeks after breaking his hand on the equipment manager’s face during a dustup at a Toronto restaurant on January 23.

Griffin had a surgical procedure early Tuesday to fix a spiral fracture on the fourth metacarpal in his right hand. Later that day, he issued a formal apology (via Twitter, obviously) for being an idiot and jeopardizing his career and the Clippers’ season.

The Clippers also issued a formal statement condemning Griffin’s actions and promising further punishment.

“This conduct has no place in our organization and this incident does not represent who we are as a team,” the statement reads. “We are conducting a full investigation with assistance from the NBA. At the conclusion of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken.”

Once the NBA has all the details, that “appropriate action” will probably be a suspension without pay. However, it is unlikely that a suspension would last more than 4-6 weeks, meaning Griffin would lose a bunch of money but not any additional playing time.

Of course, the most problematic aspect of this incident is that it involved two Clippers employees. While the team didn’t want to say who else was involved when word of Griffin’s injury first leaked on Tuesday, it has since been confirmed that the other party was Clippers assistant equipment manager Matias Testi. According to TMZ he was actually hospitalized for his injuries.

Worse still is the fact that Griffin and Testi are apparently close friends. Here are some photos of the two from Testi’s now-private Instagram account:

blake griffin matias testi 3

blake griffin matias testi

blake griffin matias testi 2

And here are a few from Griffin’s:

Happy bday to my boy @matit99 and put some clothes on please.

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Don’t believe me just watch…. @matit99

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The good news is that Toronto Police have not opened an investigation because nobody has filed any charges. Hopefully Griffin apologizes by buying Testi a Range Rover or something so everyone can put this ugly incident behind them.

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